ISBN 978-9942-45-631-1

Art of quito
José Gabriel Navarro, Cuadro del Hospital and Frederic E. Church

Autor:Moreno Aguilar, Andrea
Colaborador:Moreno Navarrete, Elizabeth (Traductor)
Editorial:Moreno, Vicente Eduardo
Materia:Educación. investigación. temas relacionados con las Artes
Público objetivo:General
Número de edición:1
Formato:Pdf (.pdf)


The work Art of Quit addresses in its three sections the research conducted by Andrea Moreno Aguilar on the first art historian of Ecuador, Dr. José Gabriel Navarro, who combined his diplomatic career with the study of religious art in Quito.
On the other hand, the author makes a study of one of the emblematic works of nineteenth-century landscape painting, the "Heart of the Andes" by the American painter Frederic Edwin Church, who like other expeditionaries and artists of the time, devoted much of his work to the majesty of the Ecuadorian Andes.
Finally, the book discusses an analysis of the pictorial work called by the author "Cuadro del Hospital" which refers to the scene painted by José Cortés y Alcocer in the eighteenth century, which presents the dynamics of health care, charity, and assistance exercised in the Antiguo Hospital San Juan de Dios during the colony.


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